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Schucry Kafie is a visionary entrepreneur, an innate businessman, a Honduran innovative leader and philanthropist. Along with his father and brothers, Schucry works in the family business where they have achieved sustainable growth in different industries such as the dairy, food and beverages, product distribution, real estate, agribusiness, textile and energy ones.

He is the founder of Lacteos de Honduras, S.A. (Lacthosa) and Luz y Fuerza de San Lorenzo S.A. (LUFUSSA). His approach is to generate employment by creating businesses that robust the Central American economy and find ways for sustainable development in communities through education, entrepreneurship, innovation, and family strengthening.

Since 1984, Schucry Kafie, received the official designation as Honorary Consul of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Honduras, awarded by King Hussein Bin Talalde, a position he holds to present date. He is also part of the Pan-American Agricultural School (Zamorano) donors.

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