Do not get tired of doing good because one who gives without expecting anything in return will one day reap abundantly.

Since he was a child, the value of sharing and supporting others were Schucry Kafie’s self-driven force. Doing things right, in a good way, and being socially aware of others is implemented in each project and is reflected in each company he leads. Social work is a core philosophy and basic principle in the daily life of each of his businesses.

As a result, under Schucry Kafie management, Lacthosa has positioned itself as a socially responsible company and is the only oen to have been awarded the CSR label by the Honduran Foundation for Social Responsibility (FUNDAHRSE) for over six consecutive years. The company has had a positive impact in Honduras as a result of the implementation of projects that generate sustainable development in the communities where it operates.

The projects are primarily focused on reducing hunger, malnutrition, and promoting education. Mr. Kafie is a founding partner of the first and only food bank in Honduras, which donates over one hundred tons of food to different healthcare organizations.

In support of the restoration of peace, harmony, and recreational areas, Sula has joined several projects such as Fundación Convive Mejor which seeks to recover and restore 21 national parks.

Through LUFUSSA, there is a compromise to improve nearby communities’ living standards which surround the power plants in the southern part of the country, supporting them with medical brigades, social infrastructure, safe flooring, reforestation programs, water supply, education and electrification among other social assistance work.

In 2006, Schucry along with his brothers, Luis and Eduardo Kafie, created in honor of their parents the Chito and Nena Kafie Social Fund in order to continue the humanitarian work their parents had started which provides support to the community mainly in rescuing social values.

Projects implemented through the social fund have been escalating and in 2014 had become what is now the “Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation” to give continuity to the projects implemented mainly focusing on three major aspects: health, education, and community.

Construction of churches

Donation to the visually impaired

Donation of school desks